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11 Images to Prove Why You must Visit Bhutan

In an era where almost every country is competing to grow its economy and military strength, Bhutan is one of the countries which has been focused on preserving nature. It may be just a small country with China to its north and India at its south, but it has successfully secured an image for being one of the most beautiful countries. Resting in the high peaks of the Himalayas, Bhutan is home to beautiful sceneries and rich culture. The Buddhist temples surrounded by lush green mountains or built atop snowy peaks are mesmerizing and form a perfect place for you to achieve your zen mode.

The 11 locations are just as much pretty as they are portrayed in the images. The 2D images do not do justice to these places. Bhutan is extremely beautiful and you need to visit it once in a lifetime. With the amount of peace you will feel there, it will be like a journey to a parallel universe.

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