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3 Ways to Loose Weight During Lockdown

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The time of global pandemic has messed with our brains as well as our bodies. That new flabby stomach is making you feel down? Don't just sit at home and let it make you feel any worse. Follow the schedule given below and lose weight at home during the quarantine.

1. Manage your Diet and Nutrition.

- Eat whole, single-ingredient foods.

What causes the accumulation of fat in your body the added sugar and fat. Switching to a single ingredient diet will help you get rid of it. Whole foods are filling and helps to maintain your calories.

- Add protein to your diet.

Protein is the king when it comes to weight loss. It takes a lot of energy to digest protein, causing your body to work out those extra calories. A high intake of protein increases appetite. Thus, making it easier for you to follow your diet chart.

- Limit your intake of sugar.

Added sugar is really difficult to digest and thus easier to accumulate. Sugar causes a number of the world's leading diseases like Diabetes and cholesterol. Limit its intake to a minimum to increase your metabolism rate and get a healthier body.

- Eat Fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy and weight-friendly foods. They are rich in water and fiber with very low density. Studies around the world have shown that those who eat fruits and vegetables tend to weigh less.

2. Add Drinks to your Routine.

- Drink more water

It has been claimed for ages that drinking water helps in weight loss. Now it's also scientifically proven. Drinking water before meals reduces your appetite and thus, your calorie intake.

- Drink coffee (unsweetened)

Finally, it has been realized that coffee is a healthy beverage loaded with anti-oxidants. Drinking Coffee increases your metabolism and thus your energy. So, it helps in weight loss. Do not go searching 'Coffee near me'. Roast some coffee beans or get instant coffee powder. Black coffee is even better.

- Green Tea (Unsweetened)

Another beverage loaded with anti-oxidants working similar to coffee. Green tea also helps in fat burning and weight loss. There are a variety of green teas available in the market. Choose your beverage wisely by checking up on green tea benefits for a specific product.

3. Change your Lifestyle.

The most important step for losing weight is to change your lifestyle.

- Perform Cardio

Doing cardio helps in reducing the accumulated fat in parts like thighs, back, hips, and belly. So, wake up early morning and do any preferred type of cardio, whether it be jogging, cycling, walking, or hiking.

- Add aerobics to your schedule.

Aerobics is very helpful in reducing your weight. It increases your lung capacity, thus oxygen levels, and causing fast metabolism. It is advisable to perform aerobics daily for about 15 minutes.

- Perform resistance exercises.

Due to dieting, you will start to lose muscle mass, and your body will burn fewer calories. To compensate for the lost muscle mass perform resistance exercise so as to lose only fat and not your muscles.

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