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7 Games That Changed The Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming is a billion-dollar industry today. No one would have thought phones could replace handheld gaming consoles but here we are. Millions of games are available on different stores across different platforms.

All this started with Tetris in 1994 but mobile gaming took off after Nokia’s Snake in 1997. After that every year we got to play new games and as technology progressed we got some more iconic mobile games. Some of the examples are Bounce, Prince of Persia, Gangster, Asphalt, Cricket, etc. However, some games proved to be turning points in the history of Mobile Gaming.

Given below are the 7 most impactful Mobile games of all time.

Snake (1997)

A basic 8-bit game came preloaded in Nokia mobile phones around the end of the 90s and the start of the 2000s. It was a classic arcade game from the 70s, but relaunch made it popular once again. All you had to do was help the snake to survive as it grew longer from eating the food pills that spawned randomly.

Angry Birds (2009)

Rio Games

You might remember, when angry birds came out in 2009, it was all the hype. This was the game everyone wanted to play on their phones. However, not everyone had devices that could support it. A lot of duplicates came out for low-end devices. Newer versions of Angry Birds such as Space, Seasons, Angry Birds 2 also gained popularity but none ever matched the hype of its predecessor.

Temple Run (2011)

Imangi Studios

Temple Run was the game that totally changed the type of games played on Android. Despite being unable to offer many features, it was a success for the time. It paved the way for games in the future such as Temple Run 2 (2013) and Subway Surfers (2012) which gained a lot more popularity than Temple Run.

Candy Crush Saga (2012)


Candy Crush was/is one of the most popular games ever launched on mobile phones. Several versions of this game came out but none could match the figures that Candy Crush Saga attained. With new levels being added with every update, this game is said to be incomplete able.

Clash of Clans (2012)


Probably the only mobile game from about a decade back that is still played at a large level. This game was one of the earliest multiplayer strategy games that opened up a new genre in the mobile gaming industry. With new town hall levels, troops, and buildings, this game keeps offering new content to its players. Additionally, there are so many esports events and in-game events that it never gets boring.

Pokémon Go (2016)


Pokemon games have been quite popular for decades but Pokemon Go changed the outlook on gaming. It was not a leisure game you could play on your couch. It made players walk miles in search of various pokemon and accessories. The game used AR and hence offered a real-life gaming experience. You could catch pokemon, breed them, and battle other trainers.

PUBG Mobile (2018)


The most popular battle royale multiplayer game in the world. This might not be the first game of its genre but it sure turned out to be the best. It paved the way for several other games and popularised battled royale games among common folks. This was the game that gave us professional mobile gamers and made Mobile Gaming a serious thing at a global level.

Mobile gaming is getting popular day by day and all the credit goes to the games mentioned above. They were the milestone on the way. Comment down the mobile games that you have played.

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