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Upcoming Fashion Trends for Men in 2021

We are into the second half of 2021, and summer is almost gone. What we are looking forward to is fall and winter, and in my opinion, these are the best times to flaunt your outfits. However, every year witnesses new trends, and so will be this one. The Pandemic makes it harder for us to follow them because of lockdown restrictions, but we are not going to let it restrict us. Face Masks are the obvious accessories with whatever you wear.

Given below are the upcoming trends that will be on the rise in 2021:


Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban Collar shirts have collars that look like an open notch lapel. It features short sleeves and a boxy hem. These are great for summer and look dandy even with a blazer. The last time these were in trend outside of Cuba, it was the 50s. Paired with linen trousers or cotton three fourths, these look gorgeous and are comfortable to wear.

Patch Work Prints

A new trend following the footsteps of rugged outfits is Patchwork print. It is not a new concept but seeing how it is being featured on Instagram and Tiktok, and it sure is something to look forward to. You can layer it with a plain t-shirt or wear it casually.

Soft hues

After rejecting for decades, men are finally bold enough to add soft hues to their wardrobe. Be it blazers, sits, or formal shirts, soft colours are on the rise. After the "black is bae" of the 2010s, men are shifting towards a more sensitive side of the colour palette.

Vertical Stripes

After so many years of horizontal stripes, we are now looking a lot more at vertical stripes. These not just make you look tall but also thin, which would surely help with the weight you gained in lockdown. Either it is your polo tees or shirts, stripes attract the eyes.


Cotton Three Fourths

At least for the summer and fall, cotton Three-Fourths provide the comfort you need. On top of it, they look amazing and reflect how laid back and relaxed you are. Beige, cream, Khaki, and camouflages are some of the most popular colours and patterns.

Full Lengths

Enough with ankle lengths. They have been outdated for a couple of years now. Get back to full-length jeans and trousers because they are back on the ramp and should be in your wardrobe too.


Layering allows you to get creative with what you wear underneath and present a different look every time.

Oversized Trench

Trench coats are once again getting popular, thanks to Sherlock and Peaky Blinders suit. They give you the masculine and intimidating look that you always wanted to pull off. You can go with plain black or choose to pick patterns and textures to stand out.

Letterman Jacket

Ever since the jocks of American high school wore those classic letterman jackets in movies and TV shows, they were a hit outside of America. But 2021 is expecting to see a lot more men in them. Striped collars, cuffs, and waist stand out, and the darker tone of the jacket looks fabulous.

Black Leather Jackets

It's not the 70s anymore, and no one will judge you for wearing black leather jackets. They are all the hype right now and will surely give you a badass look. The chains and belts on the leather add to its charm. Layer it over any round neck t-shirt, and you look fine.

Denim Jackets

Yes, I know they were trending in 2020 too. But there is nothing that will stop them from trending by the end of 2021. Be it white, Black, Blue, or any other colour, they give off a sleek vibe and pair well with plain t-shirts.


Shielded Sunglasses

Shielded sunglasses have finally made their way into the Indian market, and this chunky eyewear is going to stay. They go perfectly with casual outfits for men. They are an alternative to traditional wayfarers and Aviators. Available in bright tints and subtle options, these will totally change the way you carry yourself.

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are not something you haven't seen before. But this time, they are looking much better. There are so many options available with different sizes and patterns. Moreover, you can now keep your belongings safe and secure.

Skeleton Watches

With a phone in everyone's pocket, the purpose of watches has changed. They are no longer to tell the time but a fashion statement. So make sure you are sending out the statement correct. Skeleton watches, especially in copper colour, look amazing and sturdy. You can get one with a leather or metallic strap as you prefer.


High-Top Sneakers

When we say high-top sneakers, the first image in mind is Air Jordan 1. I admit they are one of the sexiest sneakers on the planet, but so is their price. High-Top sneakers are trending on Indian streets, and almost every brand has got some options for you. Pick the ones and pair them with any casual outfit.

Chelsea Boots

Alright, loafers have ruled for years now, and it's time for something new. Get yourself a pair of Chelsea boots. Whether you are wearing a suit, a woollen sweater, a trench, or a leather jacket, there is a pair of Chelsea boots that will nail your outfit.

Suede Loafers

Suede Loafers are another option for your loafers as long as you plan to stay casual. You can wear it with a suit, denim, or a sport blazer. Just keep them out of formal meetings and fields, and they will be just fine.

Fashion is a forever changing industry, and that is why it takes creativity to figure out the trends. Men are finally getting the attention of the fashion industry, and we are getting a lot of new outfits to wear.

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